WankzVR Review: The Cum-Throbbing VR Experience Of The Year!

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Watch VR Porn And Drown In Your Cum!

In the days before porn became widely available, if you needed to look at some naked ladies, you could either be a peeping Tom or go to the cinema and watch some dirty pictures. You could as well sweet-talk a girl into showing you all the goodies that her mama blessed her with!

The porn sector undergoes a revolution of sorts via the advent of VR. With VR, rather than the sex act that unfolds before you on a relatively tiny screen, it instead appears to take place right inside your head and in 3D. Oh, joy!

Due to skyrocketed VR headsets sales, an increasing number of porn sites offer a VR experience for us to enjoy a more truly immersive view. In the end, it leaves the penis feeling like a worm just crawled up it and sweetly sucked it dry of juices! One such site adult VR site is under review here and goes by the cheeky name of WankzVR. Let’s see what goodies it has for your penile pleasure!

WankzVR pornstars

Wanking Made Easy With WankzVr!

WankzVR is one of the better VR porn sites in existence and offers a premium and cock-engorging experience that most of its peers seem unable to match. There are currently over 274 VR porn movies in its collection! They feature more than 224 performers, most of whom are pros with a body even an angel would want to drill to the limit and pound to extinction!

Support is enabled for all the usual VR setups like the Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and lots more. The contents are also updated weekly, with the maximum supported resolution being an eye-watering 5K. If VR is not your thing, there are options to look at standard porn.

“WankzVR gets you cumming like a fire hose in full flow!”

WankzVR categories

A Cum Look And Slick Feel!

The design in this VR site is well done: loads of girls are showing off, dressed in their awesome birthday suits! Usually, they are about to handle cocks stuck as deep as it can go in their various orifices. If you still want to explore the site further, the handling is easy enough, but there are not many possibilities when it comes to ways of filtering the content. However, once you selected a category, you can sort the videos by date and views.

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Alternatively, you can simply select the performer of your choice and pick from all the videos she has participated in and poured out cum juices on. Once the details of any scene have been clicked through, tags can be subsequently used to navigate among the content.

WankzVR fully supports lots of various devices and formats, so that you can easily stream and download. Do note that the file sizes can be a bit high.

WankzVR Filters

Boasts Lots Of Cum-awesome Videos

Most of the older videos are a little short. This is in contrast to most of the newer ones which are considerably longer. A few even max out at over 40 minutes of cum-spraying action! There are however scenes that can last an hour. These are quite big, and it is recommended that they are streamed only if your internet connection is stellar. And only when your penis can take the cumming strain!

WankzVR Video

Orgasmic Video Quality

The quality of the videos can be adjusted by the user. As far as fps, some are played at 30fps, others at 60fps. Furthermore, each scene has the necessary information to let you know if it supports a 180-degree view, binaural audio, head tracking and the like. All these, of course, combine to assure a peerless experience that can get you swimming in a lake full of your cum if you aren’t too careful!

“Lots of videos to make you cum like a storm!”

Also featured in the collection are some female POV scenes. This lets viewers essentially see and almost feel what it’s like when to drill a woman with a penis that’s engorged with purpose and need.


WankzVR is one of those VR porn websites that your member cannot get enough of! Come to see varied and totally gorgeous performers that fill the roster. They can act, scream, and cum like pros who are looking to get an Oscar at the end! Overall, this is one of the few VR pornsites that are worth visiting and spending money on. Just be sure to come with a bucket to collect the cum your member will be forced to produce!

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WankzVR Test Score: 9.1/10

Content 9.5| Video Quality 9| Site Extra 8|Design 8|Price 8 

It might be relatively expensive for you. However, if you subscribe to what WankzVR has to offer means your one-eyed member will experience Christmas every day and might not be able to stop cumming to the slick delicacies on offer! Pure luxury.

The Good

Supports a wide variety of VR devices

Works with a large variety of VR players

Lots of high-quality content that can be directly streamed

Excellent variety of stunning performers who cover a diverse array of naughty themes

The Bad

Mediocre filtering options

Has less content than some competitors

Accessing MILF VR requires you paying extra

Trial options limited to a couple of days