Waifu Sex Simulator Update – Review And Playtest

Waifu Sex Simulator VR game

Bringing you a lot of fun for free, the newest Waifu Sex Simulator Update comes back with massive new content, adding hundreds of new, exciting models, animations, positions, dances and backgrounds to help bring the sexy show on. It is the ultimate, steamy whirlwind of all VR Sex games.

More Content and More Fun For All

Whether you want to watch Miss Fortune strut her sexy ass over to you, do some intense fucking with Lara Croft, or show your big dragon to Silica of Sword Art,  there is a little something for everyone to enjoy, especially with the 3.1 Waifu Sex Simulator update.

The creator behind this game, still gathering funds for future updates and new features, LewdFraggy, has released a major update on September 15th. The game already got a lot more immersive since the 2.8  leap motion update. Now it’s time to add plenty of new content, like new sex positions. Get any girl you like and go from straight missionary to a wild and crazy reverse cowgirl bangfest.

New Content 

Add multiple characters to the scene, choose from a large collection of different backdrop settings. It could be literally anything you can possibly imagine. Fuck a hot girl in an office setting, or bring the ultimate sin to a Japanese temple! This is the very definition of freedom!

And if that wasn’t enough, you also have a few extra goodies to help spice things up. If you get sick and tired of playing out a gangbang or a threesome on a loop, you can always add some dildos to the scene. There are tons of positions compatible with it. Now you can finally bang Angela Balzac up to your ballsack! If you’re into Touhou Project, how about getting Cirno into a serious DP scene?

No matter what you’re into, you’re bound to find your deepest fantasies here.

Waifu Sex Simulator Image 1

UI still needs work

The one thing I didn’t like was the model and animation loading menus. Once in the game, you pretty much start off in a blank, completely deserted scene. Sure, it gives you a sense of freedom, unparallel to any other of the adult VR games. But at the same time, it breaks the immersion while you set up the background, load the actual models and start assigning animations.

It’s easy to get lost in the selection menu because all of the animations, backgrounds and props are sort of clumped together. Scrolling through the endless list of character models can get tedious, but at least they can be sorted by creation date, alphabetical order or recently picked. You can even add your favorites to a separate list and quick-pick them to set up a hot and steamy scene.

This isn’t entirely the creator’s fault. He’s actually using the MocuMocuDance engine as its core, which is where the clunky user interface comes from. The good news is that there are plans to switch to Unity, which is not only going to improve the rendering of the models but also give the developer a chance to finally make the UI a little more user-friendly.

What makes the Waifu Sex Simulator update bounce back are the plentiful updates, always bringing in tons of new character models and pumping out new content. The 3.1 update introduces 10 new motions, 5 being sex positions and 5 being dances. There are also 60 new models and 180 new scenes to keep things fresh.  Some of the props are also interactive, so keep in mind they are not just for show. You can fuck a hot girl on the couch, bend her over the table or slam her right against the wall.

Waifu Sex Simulator Image 2

Some Models Are Really Falling Behind

Like many other adult virtual reality games (e.g. Fallen Doll) out there, there are a few flaws that occasionally break immersion or are just plain annoying. We’re not talking about the occasionally weird model glitches when you load and add animation, that’s perfectly fine and expected from a game that is still a work in progress. The quality of the new character models seems to be dropping.

The new models coming with the 3.1 Waifu Sex Simulator update kind of feel like a variety pack. You can find a perfectly rendered, realistic character you can fall in love with almost instantly. Then, on the other hand, you can find a sloppy model that will make you gag on contact. Another bad thing that came with the new update is that some of the scenes from the previous versions can’t be loaded. Luckily, there are brand-new scenes to help hold you over until some of the old favorites are fixed.

Get the game!

The new Waifu Sex Simulator Update Test Score8/10

Gameplay 6 | Erotic 9| Price 10 | Interaction 8 | Graphics 7

The new Waifu Sex Simulator update brings the game another step forward to become one of the best up-and-coming free virtual-reality adventure, constantly pushing out new updates to keep users satisfied. Although the interface could use a little bit of work, the new models and scenes all make up for it and still make this game stay high up on the top 10 VR porn games list.


Still at an amazing price of free

1000 character models to enjoy, more coming with each update

 13GB worth of digital, sexy goodness

 Unique dance moves and sex positions ranging from tame to extremely raunchy


Still no story or (meaningful) social interactions

 Clunky UI (which is, fortunately, already being addressed)

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