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As one of the pioneers for VR Sex Games, VRTitties is one of the most recognized brands of the genre. The core of the game is straightforward: Create and customize a virtual girl and then fuck her, simple as that. In this weeks game review, you will get a taste of the girl of your dreams or nightmares, depending on your creativity. VRPornGames.blog takes a look at one of the innovators of the virtual reality sex games: VRTitties.

VRTitties is a three-year-old game that still gets new releases!

She’s as cheap as a cup of coffee!

The first release of the Game was 2015. It is a good thing, that the VRTitties Team just recently updated the Game! This is fantastic news that the game is still supported by the devs. They even upgraded the graphics with an added hentai-style slider, a make-up slider, and new hair animations.

VRTitties Girl HAir VRPorngames.blog


VRTitties has excellent roomscale VR support as you can touch her, play with her but, boobs and pussy. You heard that right as you can spread her pussy around. I have also zoomed into her private parts, as the whole interior of the vagina is actually 3d animated. But you have to look for yourself as it was a bit too gross for me, seeing her intestines that close. The price to get the game and future updates is currently at 3$ a month via the developers Patreon which is 2$ more than it was a year ago but still fair. There is also an older build -version 20 – available for free to test.

VRTitties Gameplay – Why isn’t every girl like her?

With VR Titties, creating a girl and get her in different scenarios or sex positions is kind of the spirit of the game. As always, the first thing is to undress and fuck her. Then I can concentrate on actually modifying her. This is what roomscale is all about. The scenarios and sex scenes are great and you will get immersed immediately. Having so many possibilities, including the new patch, made pushed this simulation to a whole new level..

SEX in VRTitties VRPorngames


When you start the simulation, the girl is standing in front of you. All you have to do is answer her questions by nodding your head. There’s not as much gameplay compared to Fallen Doll, where you actually have to progress by earning money from customers. VRTitties is just a girl and you – no more no less. The customizing part is the strength of the game, as you can adjust every possible aspect of her including her make-up and dressing her up.

VRTitties Test Score: 7.4/10

Gameplay 7 | Erotic 9 | Price 9 | Interaction 6.5 | Graphics 7.5

VRTitties is a great sex simulation for a fair price. Being able to customize the girl is fun and rewarding as you can make her look as amazing as you want. What I’m missing is a story and some actual rewards for keeping me motivated, but as far as a sex simulation, this will definitely do.


Customizing the girl of your dreams

Many scenes

Great VR support and updates


Story and rewards

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