TEST VR Kanojo – VR Sex Game Review

VR Kanojo Test VR Porn Game Review

Who doesn’t like Asian chicks? They’re so innocent and sweet. Sakura is one of them. But is she though? When you’re done with her, she’s not innocent anymore! She wants you to help her study, what was she thinking. In this weeks game review, we take a look at some biology books and take a bath. VRPornGames.blog takes a look at one of the innovators of the virtual reality sex games: VR Kanojo.

A new DLC has just been released, let’s clean that filthy little girl!

Let’s take a bath together, shall we?!

I first reviewed VR Kanojo back in 2017 when it was released. I was pleased to read that they have added a DLC to bring back one of Japan’s best VR porn games to version 1.20. You finally get the chance to join her in the bathroom – so that’s the first thing I did. You can dress her up or leave her nude and then start to soap her. She tickles when you touch or massage the soap on her. I enjoyed her natural behavior as she looks a little-pissed off when I took her footstool, and she fell on the floor – whoops, sorry!VR Kanojo Bathroom DLC Nsfw Nude


VR Kanojo has very well implemented roomscale VR support as you can move around, bounce her boobies or flip up her skirt. On the official homepage of VR Kanojo – where you can find a free demo btw -, they announced that yet another update is coming out soon. Then you will be able to take pictures of Sakura, dress her in new outfits and play in a newly added map. The most significant downside to the game is that it still costs nearly 50 bucks over at the publisher Illusion

VR Kanojo Gameplay – I love her moaning!

With VR Kanojo, you join the typical girl next door – well in Japan anyway – and seduce her. She wants to become your “kanojo” or girlfriend. The game is much more focused on the intimate part of you and her, unlike VRTitties where you basically create a prostitute or Fallen Doll, the sex android. Luckily for us, the relationship is approaching rapidly, and you can get to the naughty parts fast. As always, the first thing is to get her into bed.VR Kanojo Sex VRporrngames.blog

If you watched a lot of Asian porn – and I bet you did – you will recognize the typical moaning which personally I like much. It just doesn’t sound that fake for me, but that differs from person to person. You have many sex positions, handjobs and she even takes a jizz in the mouth. The graphics are great, and the physics are very smooth.

VR Kanojo Test Score: 7.1/10

Gameplay 8 | Erotic 7 | Price 5 | Interaction 8.5 | Graphics 7

VR Kanojo is one of the best VR girlfriend simulations with many possibilities of interaction. Sakura is such a lovely girl to get to know. The downside is the high price compared to other VR Sex Games. Get the demo first and see if you like it. The recent update and future developments keep VR Kanojo a spot to be one of top VR Porn Games out there.



Girlfriend experience

New updates


High price

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