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I always wanted to be on the set of a porn movie, as the director, cameraman or actor – who didn’t. Now you get to do every job available in creating your very own sex scene. And if you want to watch a girl get satisfied: the community already put many amazing scenes on the market! takes a look at one of the most jam-packed adult VR Games: In the upcoming Virt A Mate Test.

I always wanted to participate in a porn movie. So why not create your very own scene right now!?

Virt A Mate Test Version 1.5.5 just got released

Since the beginning of the year, Virt A Mate got a ton of updates. For a game that is in constant development since its release in July 2017, this is a good sign. Since Version 1.5  until today a better audio function, many new triggers, morph options, and a desktop alpha joined the game. The developers MeshedVR even got a roadmap up so you can check for future updates. Keeping VR Porn Games up to date is essential as they can grow old pretty fast. I’m glad to see games like Virt-A-Mate, VR Titties, and the Waifu Sex Simulator getting recent updates.

Virt-A-Mate Test VR Porn Game Naked Girl

Virt A Mate has well-implemented roomscale VR and also supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. You can touch many parts of her body with a well designed, and realistic bone model. The Price of the Game is depending on the possibilities and freedom you want in creating your scenes. There is also a free demo available.
If you want to get more positions, interactions you can choose between three tiers ranging from 2 to 8 bucks a month on the developers Patreon. If you’re already checking out Patreon, be sure to stop by at my page if you want to support my ongoing work in testing every VR Porn Game out there, thank you!

Gameplay – Virt A Mate Test my director skills!

Starting the game, you automatically load into a dark room with a redhead looking at you. Now you got two possibilities: Load a premade material or create your perfect scene. If you choose to load into a premade and get the sex over with: Take a look at this Reddit community who already produced tons of content. Load the scene into your Saves folder and load the scene in your in-game menu. So let’s see how she rides.

Virt A Mate Threesome VRporngames.Blog

Amazing. Now that we’re done with that, we can start to create our girl or use the premade redhead. Furthermore, this feature is so precise that there is even an Emma W. out there! The graphics and physics of the girls are stunning and realistic. So now it’s time for our scene. I have to admit the start was a bit more difficult than I would’ve imagined. Gladly some tutorials could help, and I got the hang of it. If you want to get your girl in the position, you can grab her by many points on her body and position her correctly. Then add some movement while you record like shaking her hand upside down or moving her butt.

After you build a room with custom images and added your music and moaning the scene is ready to go. Honestly, you can spend hours, weeks and months with this game, creating the perfect scene and checking out all the community content out there. I’m stunned hence to how much more there is to the game as I’m far away from putting it aside!

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Virt A Mate Test Score: 8.0/10

Gameplay 9 | Erotic 7.5 | Price 8 | Interaction 7 | Graphics 8.5

Virt A Mate was one of the deepest VR Porn Game I tested yet. You can spend months perfecting your scenes. The community adds much more possibilities to the game if you’re in for a premade scene. If it’s just sex you’re interested in I recommend SinVR and the Waifu Sex Simulator. I would’ve liked an easier way get started like a better way to manage image panels. Finally, the VR support, great graphics, and lovely babes keep Virt A Mate high in our Top 10 VR Porn Games list.


Be careful, this is addictive!

Stunning graphics

Constant updates

Endless possibilities


Difficult start

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