SinVR TEST – VR Sex Game with Marley Brinx’s Voice!

SinVR Porn Game Virtual Reality Sex Game test

Who can honestly say of himself that he’s not a sinner? I bet even the holiest priest has dark thoughts and that would be right. But what if you could actually live it? Let your crazy sex fantasy become a reality once in your life. That is the idea behind SinVR as you can choose if you want to dominate the girl or not. takes a look at one of the darker VR sex Games: In the upcoming SinVR Test.

This game is for the sinners amongst us. I am one.

Wonder Woman with the voice of Marley Brinx!

SinVR was first released in mid-2016, and the community around the game is steadily increasing. To see the latest early access containing a new girl Wonder Woman and a new scene of old London consequently excited me. And not only that but the developer actually added professional voice acting by Pornstar Marley Brinx! As for updates that’s not enough as Wonder Woman also implements a new facial motion capture. This is a big step for the game as the last time I played it I criticized the sometimes unreal face mimics, a crucial part of emerging into the virtual reality porn world.

SINVR Test VR Sex Games Gameplay

The game supports room scale VR for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. You can jiggle her boobs around and grab her by the hips, bang her real good. The price of the Game is a membership for 10$ or 20$ a month as always depending on the number of months you want to have access to the game. Since I first played the game back in early 2017 the price for a one-year subscription has dropped by 60 bucks, I take it! The price is not for everyone due to it being quite high.

Gameplay – SinVR Test my domination skills!

Starting the game, you look at a floating menu. You select one of the currently fourteen available girls in addition to the scenes by turning around. Because of switching previews of the girls we got a much better implementation of the menu compared to the Waifu Sex Simulator. The scenes are where it gets interesting as every stage has different sex positions, available spanking tools or even a shemale. The craziest of them all is the test chamber. Here, your girl is at your mercy to get put in the position of your choice!SinVR TEST – VR Sex Game with Marley Brinx's Voice! 2

You are in the middle of a dungeon. In front of you is a chained up girl with her ass ready to get spanked. Do you take the ping pong paddle, a wooden plank or a little harder with the metal one? The feeling of dominating the girl can’t be described. SinVR is a mixture of an experiment of curiousness and brisk sexual mood. She moans so nicely when you hit her butt. Then you change the position, grab her hips and push her up and down. She moans even faster until she reaches her climax.

SINVR Test Spanking Huntress

Each girl has their own voice actor and Wonder Woman is the first to enjoy a professional pornstar. The voices are one of the things I enjoy most about the game. Also, the mood of SinVR is so unique. Once you are in a cave and then in a classroom spanking the teacher with a ruler. The graphics are compared to Virt A Mate are not as advanced but also get constant updates like lightning correction or motion capture. Sadly the game is not available for Cardboard or Gear VR.

▷ Get SinVR!

SinVR Test Score: 8.2/10

Gameplay 8 | Erotic 9.5 | Price 6.5 | Interaction 9 | Graphics 8

Sadistic, good sex and great girls. That is what we all expect from one of the most popular adult VR Games. Compared to the Waifu Sex Simulator or Virt A Mate, I enjoyed the simple layout of SinVR. On the one hand, you have many different things to explore. On the other, it just catapults you into an awesome sex scene with your hand on the trigger.



New Updates with Pornstar voices

Many different scenes

Simple menu


Only Rift and Vive VR support

One month membership has a high price

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