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Do you remember Roller Coaster Tycoon or any other Tycoon Games from back in the days? If you enjoyed them as much as I did, Fallen Doll is the VR Porn Game for you. In this weeks Game review, you are the head in control of a Sex Robot who has to make a show for your customers to improve your abilities and get their money. Who doesn’t want to earn money while watching a fantastic looking sex robot get naked? VRPornGames.blog takes a look at one of the graphically most challenging VR Sex Games: Fallen Doll.

Who doesn’t want to earn money while watching a fantastic looking sex robot get naked?

Holy Damn, those Titties look Realistic!

Thanks to the Unreal engine 4, Fallen Doll is one of the best looking Sex Simulation I have ever seen. Just look at those boobs.

Fallen Doll Titties Close up

A lot has changed in the last year for Fallen Doll as it is still in beta. In early 2017 Fallen Doll was almost unplayable, and the VR optimization was lacking functionality. But finally, the HTC Vive and Oculus is now working fine with Project Helius latest updates. The price to get the full game on release is 24$, to get the newest version you got to pledge 4$ monthly via the Patreon Page of the developer, but there is a free Demo available!

Fallen Doll Gameplay Test – A Sex Robot Fantasy

Day 1, you have to make money to earn the rent… But first: let’s have sex! Every one of us will do the exact same thing when he first starts Fallen Doll – you undress her, play with the camera and then customize her nipples, boob and ass size. Afterward, you put her in a scene like handcuffing her and let her do a breast job. Don’t forget to click the first-person camera symbol when she treats you – nice moaning included.

Fallen Doll Hentai VR Porn Game

Awesome, that’s done, what do I actually have to do now? Simple. Please your customers to earn their tips and at the end of the day upgrade your love bot to let her do even more naughty things to you. Pretty straightforward. The customization part is similar to many other adult games, but for me, the idea of her being a robot and the way she’s looking at you is so hot.

Fallen Doll Test Score: 7.5/10

Gameplay 8 | Erotic 8 | Price 6.5 | Interaction 5 | Graphics 10

Fallen Doll is a hot and entertaining simulation for a decent prize. The awesome graphics and tycoon like gameplay aspects merge into this beautiful sex robot simulation. I’m only missing the possibility to talk or chat with her, give her some more personality.


Stunning graphics!

Earning money and upgrades holds the motivation up

Many sex positions


Missing interactions with the Android e.g. chatting

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