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Cosplay Sex Simulation!

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Online Chat and VR Porn Game in one!

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Virt A Mate

Virt A Mate Test Lesbians Featured VPorngames.blog


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Create the perfect sex scene!

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Waifu Sex Simulator

Waifu Sex Simulator TEST Review VR porn Games


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Over 500 anime girls.

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Fallen Doll

Bunny Costume Hentai Girl VR Porn Games


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You're in control of a sex robot.

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VRTitties Hentai Look


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Create a beautiful girl!

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VR Kanojo

VR Kanojo Test VR Porn Game Review


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Your Japanese girlfriend.

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Sorted by the highest score of all tested TOP 10 VR porn games

How I Test the best Adult VR Games

The final score for each VR Sex Game includes five single scores:

Gameplay – how fun is the game? Also, is it more of a simulation or can I actually proceed, and what keeps me motivated in playing?

Erotic – not much to say here just to have good sex and hot girls.

Price – For 50 bucks obviously get a lower score than the ones who cost less or Free VR Porn Games.

Interaction – What can I touch? Just the boobies aren’t enough anymore. Also, I consider the VR Roomscale integration.

Graphics – Not just the graphics but also every animation physics, the expression of the faces and so on.

Upcoming Virtual Reality Sex Simulations

Also, you can now enjoy our news section with updated virtual reality sex simulation news!

I will always be on the lookout to test the latest releases. Also, I want to be the first to get my hands on the newest virtual reality sex simulations. There are many AAA titles pumped out by Japanese studios like Illusion and also VRJCC. On the other side, there are also some indie studios over at Patreon. They have managed to produce gems like Virt A Mate, Waifu Sex Simulator or SinVR with only a handful of coders. If you have any suggestions be sure to contact me if you want a specific release tested.

VRPornGames.Blog – an introduction

Hello, fellow fans of VR hentai games! This is my blog to keep you updated in the world of the best adult VR Games, therefore, sharing the best. My Name is Faith, and I want to introduce you to my new blog because this is the place to be if you are looking for an expanding site to review and test the latest virtual reality porn Games.

I started writing blog posts for adult virtual reality sites in early 2016. I always found my game reviews earning the most views and credits because people dig them. This is my first attempt at creating my own blog about what I love – ranking and testing the top 10 adult VR Games out there.

Creating a TOP 10 for the best VR Porn Games

Above all, I aim to create a TOP 10 VR sex Games. I will continuously update the Top list because there will be new releases that approach the marked.

I already reviewed older versions of these simulations as I previously mentioned, but I will update these reviews. Test them again to see which ones improved and which didn’t. The good news is that the developers still update their virtual reality sex simulations. There is new content released every few weeks because they care about their games. As a result, I have much to catch up on. To follow my progress on the journey to become the best VR Hentai games information site.

The first game I played back in the days was Let’s play with Nanai. Let’s Play with Nanai is a virtual girlfriend you can control with your smartphone. The simulation got a recent update and is still one of my favorites. They also released Let’s play with Anna as a predecessor of Let’s play with Nanai. New posts will be added to the VR KanojoFallen Doll, and VRTitties Tests to round up the top 10 best VR Sex games 2019, so stay tuned as we approach a new era with far more virtual sex games as we could’ve imagined it!

Test Winner SinVR after Virt A Mate and Waifu Sex Simulator

The current Number 1 ranking holder is SinVR which is after Virt A Mate, or VAM, an excellent sex simulation. The Waifu Sex Simulator is the best free virtual release and therefore deserves a top spot as well. Is it the case you just want to check out how HTC vive sex games play like? You won’t do anything wrong with the waifu sex simulator. Or do you want to have a deep story and progression in your experience? Then you might want to go for VR Kanojo which has in contrast to simulations a real story. With the test winner SinVR, you can jump right into the action above all enjoying the sex instantly. It has the hottest girls like vampire sluts and other fantasies and therefore deserves the number one spot.

Free VR Sex Games or paid?

There is a ton of free demos available because they have limited features. If you want to have the best experience, go for simulations listed in my top list and pay a few bucks because developers need it. For example, Virt A Mate. This game is for the people who want to experiment therefore you can build a whole scene. First of all, it features an awesome creator studio with a lot of possibilities.

You can upload your own backgrounds, create your own studio to fuck girls. If you are into bi or gay stuff you can also fuck guys if you want in every position available. I would even rank this as one of the best gay virtual reality hentai games with the waifu sex simulator. Be sure to check out all the top 10 simulators and comment whatever game you liked the best. Maybe we will have a new number one spot soon as I want to include a user score into the ranking.

Please share my reviews with fellow VR sex game enthusiasts

Please also note, that this site is not sponsored or running ads for any company. Therefore, my goal is to inform independent. This is why I want to review all virtual reality sex simulations neutral because I hate sponsored reviews. I am also using a Patreon to fund myself as well as affiliates. I would certainly love to see you support my homepage because I need you to spread the word. If you like what you see you can share my reviews and tests with other enthusiasts of the genre.

Finally, What will be possible in a couple of years in Virtual Reality? With HTC Vive Porn Games, Oculus Rift Sex simulations and also the new Pimax 8k there is potential. We will finally be able to play room scale in 8k and enjoy clear visuals in virtual sex.